Hingol National Park - Escape for Karachites

October 1, 2017


If you have the travel bug and know a little about the diverse physical features of Pakistan, deciding where to go can be one hell of a task. From beaches in the south in the provinces of Sindh and Balochistan to some of the highest mountains of the world in the northern areas, it is difficult to make a choice.


There are tonnes of scenic mountains, highest peaks, picturesque lakes, ice-cold rivers coming straight from the glaciers, large expanses of farms and terraces, mud volcanoes, and beaches. From Tharparkar, Hingol National Park, Ziarat, Sukkur, Lahore, Thandiani, and all the way to Naran and Khunjerab pass, there are too many places to choose from.


However, knowing your 'leave limitations', budget, personal weather preferences like summer or winter, and fondness for adventure or luxury, can help you choose your destination.


I decided to go to the Hingol National Park. It was a cold December, and I did not have an option to take a two-day leave from my hectic work life.


Hingol is Pakistan's biggest national park covering 640 square miles (1,650 square kilometres). It is home to many wildlife species listed as rare, vulnerable or threatened. If you spend time in the park, you can find marine estuarine and terrestrial animals, including the marsh crocodile, green turtle, houbara bustard, 2 varieties of pelicans, plumbeous dolphin, Sindh ibex, urial, chinkara gazelle, pangolin, Indian fox, leopard, and some usual and seasonal visitors.


After doing my research on the park, as well as the trips being offered by various start-ups, I signed up with Rover Adventure Club’s day-trip through Hingol.

As promised by Rov