Trip to Gorakh Hills

July 31, 2017


Last week we decided to explore a new place and spark our adventurous souls as we planned to go to Gorakh Hills along with a travel group called the Rover Adventure Club as they're quite renowned for their well planned travel trips in Pakistan. We thought it's finally time to try their services.

Gorakh Hills is a hill station which is located at a distance of 406 km from Karachi and 95 km Northwest of Dadu, Sindh. Also being known as the Murree of Sindh, it definitely is meant to create a memorable experience starting from the long, long, loooong journey as it takes about 8 to 9 hours to travel all the way to Gorakh Hills from Karachi. 

Gorakh is known to be a Sanskrit word which means shepherding and when you'll visit, you'll know why. It is also said that the medieval saint, Sri Gorakhnath Ji had wandered in these hills.

The hill station is situated at an elevation of over 5,600 feet in the Kirthar Mountains. The temperature is often pleasant in summer, generally staying below 20 °C and dropping below zero °C in winter. It even witnessed snowfall once. 

However, when we went last week, it was pretty hot till we eventually reached G-Resort at Gorakh Hills. But it wasn't a matter of concern since we were taken in fully air conditioned and clean vans till Wahi Pandhi (Gorakh Base Camp) after which we travelled up hill in jeeps. The latter part was warm but that's the point of being adventurous; you get to feel the essence of that place while exposing yourself to its climate.

The cost of Rs. 7,000 per head seemed quite reasonable and justified considering the overall trip and the astute management of this travel group. The meeting point was Aga Khan Hospital where we departed from at around 12:45ish - Saturday morning and reached Sehwan Restaurant at around 8 in the morning where we had the scrumptious unda paratha. The reason I called it scrumptious is because trust me, people can even end up burning or deep frying omelette