To Where I Found My Heart

October 1, 2017


After having a tough few years of struggles, this one morning I woke up with the decision to take charge of my life. In need of a fresh start, I decided to discard all what I needed to leave behind in order to move forward. I decided to break open the chains that have been locking me down from choosing the brighter side of life. And so, I signed up for this date going down in history as the best decision I took for myself.

I took a decision for a therapy for myself and by myself. And that is when I packed my bags and joined a group of people I did not know.


As this trip did not just mean a fun travel luxury for me, I chose to go alone. Despite of my friends and family constantly advising me to delay it so I could go with my friends, I stood firm on my decision to be with a group where I was away from everyone and only close to me. After hearing about a trip by my very close friend Fatmah, I signed up for it with an agreement that we do not know each other for some time. I joined a group running with the name of Rover Adventure Club on a trip to Hunza and Fairy Meadows with students of IoBM University.


I reached Islamabad by flight and decided to join the group at Monal for dinner. As I stood there alone, shifting my bags to the coaster, I could feel my heart sinking down. While I watched people of my group passing by and not knowing I existed, I started to get cold feet as to why I came alone. No one knew me and I didn’t know anyone. With a heavy heart and close to having a panic attack, I saw one of the leads of Rover Adventure Club coming towards me to introduce himself and take me to my coaster. In that moment he felt like a ray of hope that just shined on a lonely dark valley.