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Escape The Ordinary - Tour Leadership Program.

Get Paid to Travel.

Your chance to be a part of one of the best adventure travel teams in Pakistan.


The Tour Leadership Program is designed to provide individuals with hands-on experience in the growing tourism industry in Pakistan.


The Program is based on extensive training and action in order for the participants to gain real practical experience & develop a sense of contingent thinking and learning when it comes to customer service.


We are driven by passion and integrity and these are the two most important values we believe in.



Passionate about traveling and learning through new experiences.

Eager to work and a pro-active attitude.

Proficiency in the English language.

✓ Free Traveling.

✓ Competitive Compensation.

✓ Travel Insurance.

✓ Flexi Timings.

Note: This is not a fulltime position but may lead to one.

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