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Sat, 03 Aug


Gorakh Hill Station, Dadu District, Pakistan

Gorakh Hills

This short camping trip to Gorakh Hills is designed to be taken over a weekend & features an adventurous jeep safari over the Kirthar mountain range, camping & one of the topmost amazing sunsets in Pakistan. The night sky at Gorakh is breathtaking!

Gorakh Hills
Gorakh Hills

Departure Dates

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03-Aug-2024, 12:30 am – 04-Aug-2024, 8:00 pm

Gorakh Hill Station, Dadu District, Pakistan

Details of the Trip

A detailed plan for the trip:

Day 01: Saturday.

12:30 AM: Departure from Karachi - Sharp.

03:30 AM: RestRoom break - Jamshoro.

06:00 AM: Breakfast at Sehwan Divine Restaurant.

07:00 AM: Departure from Sehwan.

09:00 AM: Arrival at Wahi Pandi (Gorakh Base Camp).

09:30 AM: Departure for Gorakh Hill by 4x4 Potohar Jeeps - Non-AC.

(3-hour thrilling jeep ride over the Kirthar Mountain range.)

01:30 PM: Arrival at Gorakh Hill Station.

02:30 PM: Lunch at Gorakh Hills.

04:45 PM: Hike towards Benazir Point (15 Minute Hike)

Witness an amazing sunset from the highest point of the Kirthar Mountains.

07:00 PM - 08:00 PM - Back at CampSite.

09:00 PM: Dinner

10:00 PM: Bonfire & Recorded Music - Enjoy the pleasant weather and an amazing night sky.

(Tea served to all the members.)

12:30 AM: Visit of Helipad, away from lights for StarGazing.

Overnight stay in camps.

Day 02: Sunday.

07:30 AM: Breakfast at G-Resort.

08:15 AM: Departure from Gorakh Hills.

10:15 AM: Arrival at Wahi Pandi.

12:00 PM: Arrival at Sehwan - Lunch.

04:30 PM: Arrival Hyderabad

Arrival Karachi 6 - 7 PM

Note: Some deviation in the basic itinerary is normal.

Trip Includes - What to look for when booking:

✓ AC Transport (Toyota Hiace / Coaster / Daewoo Bus - Disinfected and Sanitized to ensure a safe journey)

✓ 4x4 Jeeps Travel from Wahi Pandi to Hill Station and back to Wahi Pandi.

✓ Meals mentioned in the detailed plan (We ensure the meals being prepared is handled with utmost hygiene. All you can eat, there's no limitation to the serving size of the meals, we don't count)

​✓ Camps on a sharing basis. (Sanitized camps. We only deal with hotels that are up to our set standards.)

✓ Bonfire & music. (A camping trip would be incomplete without it.)

✓ Services of a tour manager. (Well educated, informed, and experienced tour guides - our managers are trained to have an objective & professional approach.)

✓ Basic First Aid & Disinfectant Kit. (Proper first aid kit is kept & nearest hospitals are pre-known in case of an unforeseen emergency)

✓ Professional Photography. (Memories that can be stored forever)


All-inclusive package: 1̶5̶,5̶0̶0̶/-̶ p̶e̶r̶ p̶e̶r̶s̶o̶n̶.

After Discount 14,500/- per person

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